“It is critical to know what you don’t know.”

Tony, and his team of specialists, will guide you to invoke the magic that will make your restaurant memorable— distinctive food and beverages, an energized and motivated team happy to be of service, and experiences that produce a connection with everyone they touch.

Our Menu of Services Include:

Our intent is clear – Partner with you to bring life to your vision and create sustainable operations that deliver a guest experience so vivid it demands to be shared.

Review/Create venue business plan
Review ‘4 wall’ venue revenues
Interior Design Upgrades
Lease Renegotiation
Market/Competitive Analysis
Review promotions and advertising
Cost Controls
Guest Service / Execution
Human Resources
Systems Development

We don’t think of new concept development as the opening of a food and beverage establishment… It’s not the opening of a location… We consider it the launching of an experience.

New Market Analysis
F&B Concept Development and Financial Analysis
Overall Design and F&B Integration

Hiring / Training / Pre-Opening

  • Create an operations/marketing pre-opening budget for the Project
  • Create a management table of organization/staff hiring build-to’s
  • Provide an on-site support team Provide competitive pricing survey and pricing recommendations for all entertainment offerings

Post Opening Support

  • PRG will provide a support staff that will remain on site after the opening to assist unit management in daily F&B operations
  • Implementation of a training library
  • Implement Train the Trainer

Our mission – Replicating the memorable experience of your guests across multiple locales using our specialized knowledge so your brand is sustainable and consistent in the story it tells.

Strategic Planning
Franchise Feasibility Analysis
Site Criteria Analysis
Lease Negotiation

Developing new leaders is the No. 1 talent challenge facing organizations worldwide. Two in five new managers don’t make it past 18 months. At Results Driven Leadership, our mission is to improve the impact of executives and other managers by increasing their knowledge, skills, and abilities. We guide owners and managers through an honest knowledge and skills assessment while working with them to pinpoint the roadblocks keeping them from turning their business dream into business as usual.

Most business owners, executives, and other managers are not bringing about the highest level of impact that they are capable of providing to their organizations. The prime reason for this is the lack of proper management development training.

Results Driven Leadership picks up where most business owners, executives, and managers fail, having the training, coaching, and tools they need to positively impact their company’s culture, reputation, and bottom line.

The program is customized to the client’s needs and is offered in-person or online.

It’s time to stop spinning your wheels, stop focusing on the wrong things, and stop doing it all yourself. Instead, it’s time to start creating a road map, start training, start delegating and start implementing what’s most important to you and your business.

This happens in 3 phases:

  1. Assessment | Analysis
  2. Strategy Development | People Shift
  3. Implementation | Profit

We work directly with business owners like you to solve YOUR problems. Our end product is not a 3-ring binder, but a shift in your business that leads to growth and profits.

Scaling your company requires the ability to scale your people. We provide you with the art of management and leadership that sets you up for steady long-term successful growth. Through each of the Results Driven Programs, your participants will be using extensive guided interactive discussions, online training classroom training, exercises, and performance self-assessments supported by a “Real World” curriculum. All of this is taught by real executives, not academics, who have implemented these principles successfully themselves.

“Tony is my guy. He was responsible for all my restaurant operations for the last 3 years. Our first project together was a Mexican restaurant on E. 4th St. in Cleveland OH. There we formed a special bond and an incredible working relationship. We transformed an average restaurant into the pride of Downtown Cleveland. We then revamped all the House of Blues restaurants together, and then opened our own restaurant outside of Kansas City. From there we opened Paloma in Stamford CT, and Johnny Sanchez in Baltimore MD. Tony is truly the best at what he does. He’s insightful, creative, thorough, and everybody loves working with him. He’s the only person I’ve ever worked with that can create an environment where hard work can be so much fun. He has a unique combination of culinary skills, hands on experience, creativity and a realistic perspective that gets results.”

Aarón Sanchez, Acclaimed Chef & Restaurateur

“Along with our Culinary Team, Tony spearheaded the revamp of our entire Culinary Program, which included the development of the menu with Chef Aaron Sanchez, creation and documentation of the recipes, as well as the implementation of the program. Tony was incredibly comprehensive, professional, and the results were amazing. We were able to completely change our culinary culture, and our food revenues increased substantially because of it. Tony’s ability to connect with people at all levels allowed us to streamline the process and get company wide buy-in. Tony also participated in our Company Business Planning, Operations systems standardization and Financial systems analysis. He knows the hospitality business inside and out, and was a pleasure to work with.”

Felix Musenden, Executive Vice President - House of Blues

“Tony has been my professional partner for several years. He always did an excellent job representing my interests and giving me the support I need to best represent him and the various projects he’s worked on. He has a wealth of knowledge about the hospitality business. Tony involves himself completely in projects, is available day or night and well after contractual obligations have been met. He is honest and trustworthy and highly regarded in the food service community.”

Robert Bauer, VP Business Development - Golden West Food Group

“First and foremost, it was a pleasure both knowing and working with Tony. He’s a true professional and I can say with certainty, he helped in the success of all three our very distinct venues on E. 4th St. located in Cleveland, OH. He played a key role in the creation, startup and ongoing management of both The Corner Alley and Zocalo’s Mexican restaurant, and was instrumental in the turnaround and management of Flannery’s Irish Pub. He’s a seasoned operator, who brings to the table a wealth of knowledge, experience and integrity. He has an innate ability to connect with people from all walks of life, and his inclusive management style made all the hard work extremely enjoyable.”

Christine Connell, Director of Sales & Operations - MRN Hospitality

“As the Executive Chef and Culinary Director for The Counter, I worked with Tony as we launched a brand new gourmet burger concept. As our VP of Ops, Tony was the consummate professional, who was at ease with all the functions of a start-up. His hands-on guidance and observations were critical to keeping The Counter on the right path, as well as dealing with obstacles before they became detrimental to our early success.”

Albert Pinkerson, Chief Operating Officer - Kitchen 24

“I’ve worked with Tony on numerous projects over the past several years. The passion and energy he brings every day is infectious to whomever has the pleasure to work with him. I appreciate the collaborative environment he creates, and his professional and candid feedback are invaluable. There really isn’t anything he doesn’t know about our business. His creative insight has been a catalyst for anyone that’s had the pleasure of working with him. I can’t wait for the opportunity to work with him again.”

Doug A Sander, Account Executive - Sysco Foods, Inc.

To put it mildly, my restaurant was in danger of failing miserably. Tony Penn stepped into a complicated business and difficult company culture and completely transformed it. From operations to financials to our people and culture, Tony worked miracles. Thanks to his help, we are not just surviving, we’re thriving – and we owe it to Tony and his team for making it happen.

Rick Silva | Owner, Silva’s Fresh Eatery

I wanted to launch a successful business but, like many entrepreneurs, I didn’t really know how. Tony helped me in so many different ways. Most importantly, working with PennUltimate Consulting gave me the courage and confidence I needed to actually take the risk. Tony has provided me with so many tools that help me with the organization and discipline I need to be successful in business. I can’t thank him enough.

Aslinn Dawson | Owner, Viva Vitality